SLR Group

The system supplier for nodular iron.

The SLR Group produces over 130 000 tons of machine parts of high-quality cast iron with spheroidal graphite a year (GJS). The German Giesserei St. Leon-Rot GmbH (the parent plant and headquarters of the SLR group) was founded in 1981. A production plant is located in St. Leon-Rot near Heidelberg. Another foundry is situated in Elsterheide close to Dresden. Machining plants are located in Hungary and Czech republic. Tools for sand casting are produced at the Eging plant near Passau.

SLR Giesserei St. Leon-Rot GmbH - Am Bahnhof 16 - 68789 St. Leon-Rot / Germany
Phone +49 6227/527-0 - Fax +49 6227/527-121 - E-Mail:

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