Code of Conduct



Dear colleagues and supplier Business partners, our mission statement describes the values we share and how we want to work together - today and in the future. It gives us a clear goal to achieve in order to secure our company's success in the long term. Based on the central idea  "WE are SLR", we can only achieve this goal together. In particular, our values such as personal responsibility, openness and transparency as well as conduct that complies with the law and is ethically correct at all times play an important role here. This Code of Conduct brings together   our important basic rules and principles in one document, which are binding for us both today and in the future. It provides a framework for orientation and applies equally to each of us - to the management, to the executives, to each individual employee1 and to our business partners. It sets a standard for us, and at the same time it is a promise to the environment of responsible conduct toward business partners and the public. Together, we are responsible for the reputation of our company. The misconduct of individuals can cause enormous damage to us all. Therefore, we ask you, dear colleagues, to use this Code of Conduct together with us as a guideline for our daily behavior.


 The Management of the SLR Group



The complete text of the Code of Conduct (as of 21.10.2022) can be found here: PDF-Download

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