Our Philosophy

System-Supplier for nodular iron

As an integrated company, we offer our customers the support to every production step of cast iron with spheroidal graphite from a single source.

From development and tool manufacturing to casting all the way to the machined component. We attach greatest importance to maximum process reliability in all manufacturing steps.

Our customers operating worldwide place high demands on us. We satisfy them by making deliveries to all continents. Wherever necessary, we support our customers with logistics solutions and parts warehouses close to their production facilities. The finished components are delivered where they are needed just in time. All over the world.

SLR offers you from a single source:

  • Support in design and development
  • Solidification simulation using the MAGMA software
  • Tool manufacture
  • Casting
  • Finish
  • Priming in our own plants
  • Mechanical machining
  • Assembling and preassembling of parts
  • Quality control
  • Worldwide supply logistics just in time

SLR Giesserei St. Leon-Rot GmbH - Am Bahnhof 16 - 68789 St. Leon-Rot / Germany
Phone +49 6227/527-0 - Fax +49 6227/527-121 - E-Mail: info@slr.de

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